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Charles Barkley speaks out after massive new rumors within his NBA contract

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For more than two decades now, NBA legend Charles Barkley has been informing and entertaining sports fans as a member of TNT Inside the NBA (which is streamed as part of a file 2022 TV schedule). Arguably the Hall of Fame has been such a huge part of the Emmy-winning show’s success that fans love to see him give his autograph to the biggest happenings in the professional basketball world. It has long been rumored that Barkley will be stepping down relatively soon, but those reports have been officially deleted. This TV guy just signed a huge contract extension, and after the news broke, he spoke up.

Charles Barclay Inside the NBA Co-hosts Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith also signed new deals to stay with the show long-term. While the details of his teammates’ agreements were not disclosed, New York Post He claims that Barkley’s 10-year extension equals nine figures. According to the news outlet, Barkley — who currently has three years left on a $10 million-a-year contract — could make more than $100 million going forward. The trade even indicates that the former NBA MVP could earn close to $200 million if he fulfills the entire contract. In a statement, Barkley expressed his happiness with the “life-changing” deal:

We are all a big family – Ernie, Kenny and Shaquille are brothers of mine – and I wouldn’t have stayed here without them and all the wonderful people who work on our show. I’m not going to lie, though, this is a life-changing deal…and I’m glad I’m able to live TV for a living.