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Chappelle Rowan drops ‘Casual,’ an explicit song about youthful desire

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Chappelle Rowan, 24-year-old Missouri-born singer-songwriter, began uploading songs online as a teenager, and was discovered releasing an album on The Atlantic when she was just 18 years old.

Now a freelance artist, she’s released a series of powerful singles in collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo’s senior assistant, Daniel Negro, her latest being her sexiest hit yet: “Casual,” a graphic, as the press release calls it, “Modern Age and Young Lust” pairing the lyrics. Candid with a towering chorus delivering Lana Del Rey-esque, the radio dares not to turn it on.

“I’ve heard so many rumors / That I’m just a girl knocking on your couch / I thought you’d think of me better…

“Knee deep in the passenger seat and you’re eating me out/Is it my show now?” “Baby, get me out again / If it’s casual, it’s unofficial now.”

Semi-explicit lyrics aren’t anything new for Rowan—her “Pink Pony Club” is about a girl who moves to Los Angeles and becomes a stripper, others are called “Naked in Manhattan” and “My Kink Is Karma” (co-written by Nigro and Selena Gomez) / Justin Bieber hitmaker (Justin Tranter). But that’s another thing.

Given the top-shelf collaborators, her media hype and popularity on TikTok — not to mention the opening slot for Rodrigo’s “Sour” tour — it’s no surprise that there’s a bidding war on the singer, but it does happen every day for artists with less talent and less promising catalogs. She’s currently on a US tour with Fletcher and will be topping her own dates early next year – we have a feeling that five years after her debut album, Chapel Rowan’s true story is just beginning.

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