César Mascetti, a journalist who honored the profession by putting the facts at the center | The remembered host of “Telenoche” died at the age of 80

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Sampedrino by birth and by choice, Cesar Mascetti he could not – much less wanted – to die in another place that was not his beloved San Pedro. In that city that the family inheritance gave him and that the journalist embraced without being enchanted by the lights of the TV cameras or those of the City of Buenos Aires, the television and radio host died today Tuesday 4 at the age of 80. With a long history in the media, his name is intimately associated in the collective imagination with the news, starting from the conduction between 1992 and 2003 of Telenochethe central news of the old Channel 13at a time when the news on the small screen reached a popularity that no program currently has. Together with Monica Cahen D’Anversalso journalist and his wifeformed one of the most beloved television duos in the country: for everyone they were, are and will simply be “Monica and César”.

“The Municipality of San Pedro shares with great sadness the death of journalist César Mascetti. His enormous career in the media, his story linked to the Sampedrina press through his father’s newspaper, The Independentand his link with the production of the area through La Campiña are just some of the many reasons why his figure is part of the history of the sampedrinos”, reported the city council, in which December 9, 1941Cesar Alberto Mascetti was born.

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Although it will never be known with certainty, it may well be thought that Mascetti’s destiny was marked. Or at least his life had a road map that led him inexorably towards journalism. It is that his grandfather, Alejandro, was the founder of the newspaper the independentfrom his hometown, back in 1892. A journalistic tradition that his father later continued at the head of the publication, where a young César took his first steps. Trained in journalism at the University of La Plata, in the family graphic environment -he once confessed- he did everything: he wrote interviews, social notes, police reports, sports articles and even film reviews. For him, any fact was welcome. “I was passionate about everything,” he once said about those years.

It was in 1965 when he had the great opportunity he was waiting for to jump from the family newspaper to one of national circulation: the newspaper Clarion he hired him and had to move – much to his regret, but understanding that it was necessary for his professional growth – to the “big city”. In that newsroom he worked for three years, until in 1968 he joined the newspaper The reason. At that time he only thought of journalism in its graphic dimension. Something that was going to change in 1971, when he found out that in Telenoche they were looking for a foreign journalist. He applied for the position and stayed. At that time, the central newscast was hosted by Andrés Perciavalle, Tomás Eloy Martínez, and a young and distinguished Mónica Cahen D´Anvers, with whom years later he would begin a love relationship that would end up moving to the screen, when in the 1990s they hosted the informative in its second stage.

Without fanfare, Mascetti honored the profession with the premise that the news was the facts and not the journalists. Even in his role as chronicler, interviewer or presenter, the journalist never ran away from that maxim that he nurtured from his birthplace. Throughout his career, Mascetti interviewed to the most important personalities of his time, from all disciplines: from the former Chilean president Salvador Allende until Jorge Luis Borgesgoing by Arturo Illia, Juan Domingo Perón, Raúl Alfonsín, Carlos Menem, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Marcel Marceau, to name just a handful of many. Indeed, he was the first Argentine journalist to interview a Beatle: he went to George Harrison, back in 1977, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, with Formula 1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi as translator. The interview, which was recorded with the journalist and the musician naked (!) and with the sea in the background, can be found on YouTube.

As a chronicler, Mascetti covered relevant events in the history of the last century for Argentine TV: the return of Perón, the death of the dictator Francisco Franco or the tragedy of flight 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force in the Andes Mountains are some of his most remembered works. He was even encouraged to be a war correspondent, in the civil conflict in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution until the fall of Somoza. With a sober and forceful styleWithout the need to exaggerate anything at all, Mascetti outlined a style that put the interviewee or the information at the center.

Of course, Mascetti was going to know the popularity when in the summer of 1992 the renewed Telenoche professionally reconnected with those who were already a couple in real life: Mónica and César formed an iconic duo, a registered trademark that is inexorably linked to the life of Argentines who comb gray hair. “Conduction is the culminating point of journalistic work, as can be the director of a magazine. You have to know everything that is presented and manage the details, nothing can take you by surprise. You have to give access to mobile phones, ask the interviewee the precise questions, even if you are in the studio, to get the answer you are looking for, ”said Mascetti in an interview about the television role he shared with his partner until 2003.

As soon as they left the newscast, Mónica and César institutionalized the affective relationship that had united them for a quarter of a century. They were married on June 7, 2003, for their silver anniversary, in the only place it could be: San Pedro. “We took advantage of the date and got married. We thought it was a good anniversary gift. I said to César: ‘Don’t you think it’s time for us to sign a piece of paper so that it is known that this is serious?’ And we did it”, said Monica a few years ago.

After his retirement from television, without the obligation of the news air, the couple settled in San Pedro. Until the following year, Marcelo Tinelli summoned them to take charge of a program on Radio Del Plata, the station he had recently acquired. The program, titled Monica and Cesarremained on the air of the station until 2015, when both retired from the profession and they settled definitively in the city of the province of Buenos Aires. There, away from the noise and surrounded by nature, the couple developed and managed “The countryside of Mónica and César”, a tourist pond where she became a kind hostess. Without journalism as a focus, over time Mascetti was able to develop a hobby that he was passionate about: pigeon fancier, activity that allowed him to raise all kinds of pigeons and participate in carrier pigeon competitions. For César, the City -just like the media- was already a nice memory.

“We never regret the change. When we were thinking about leaving TV, a brilliant psychoanalyst with whom we were doing therapy threw us a phrase that ended up defining our decision: ‘I don’t know about you, but I want death to find me alive,’ he told us. And then the curtain fell on us. What was the point of continuing to work with such a workload if that didn’t allow us to be more connected with life? We also want to be alive when our time comes. We are vital old people and we go through this stage of our lives with the full certainty that we are making the most of every moment we have,” César said some time ago, surrounded by the nature of San Pedro and with Monica’s complicit smile. He honored his words to the end.

César Mascetti, a journalist who honored the profession by putting the facts at the center | The remembered host of “Telenoche” died at the age of 80

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César Mascetti, a journalist who honored the profession by putting the facts at the center | The remembered host of “Telenoche” died at the age of 80

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César Mascetti, a journalist who honored the profession by putting the facts at the center | The remembered host of “Telenoche” died at the age of 80

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