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Bermondsey Station sign could be fixed in time for Christmas

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Bermondsey station’s much-maligned broken sign should be repaired by Christmas, according to a North Bermondsey councillor.

The sign has been broken since May when a lorry reversed into the station’s facade. Since then, it has read ‘Station’ rather than ‘Bermondsey Station’.

Broken Bermondsey Station sign ’emblematic of TfL’s struggles’

Lib Dem Cllr Rachel Bentley, who earlier this month told the News the collapsing canopy was “emblematic of TfL’s struggles”, has received an exciting update.

Latest from TfL is that Bermondsey tube station’s sign will be fixed in December. Hopefully in time for Christmas,” she tweeted.

Speaking to the News she shared TfL’s official update, which reportedly said: “The survey for structural damage to the canopy has been completed and we have instructed our contractor to proceed with manufacture and installation of the sign panels and associated bracketry.

“The usual timescale for the manufacturing is six to eight weeks, so we can expect the sign to be delivered during December.”

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It’s a delay on TfL’s original timescale. On September 8, Cllr Bentley was reportedly told by TfL that it would take eight weeks to repair. That would have meant the sign would be repaired on November 3.

TfL confirmed that the Bermondsey Station frontage was damaged in a “slow-speed collision” in May and that it is “working to replace the sign as soon as possible”. But it added that the work is “complicated” which helps to explain the delay.

It’s not the first time the Bermondsey Tube Station sign has run into trouble. Last year, a bus careered into it while avoiding an oncoming emergency services vehicle, believed to be an ambulance.

The 47 bus mounted the pavement and smashed into the sign at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 17, cracking windows on the upper deck.

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