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‘Be Better New Orleans’ – Felipe’s uptown restaurant was plagued by overnight burglaries

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Video made available to WWL-TV shows a man and another person entering the shuttered store and a man ripping a till off the wall.

NEW ORLEANS — Replacing glass on the front door of Felipe’s restaurant in uptown New Orleans shouldn’t be on the menu Tuesday morning.

“They got this door and just snuck in,” said Lon Nichols, the restaurant’s human resources manager.

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Nichols says broken glass was only part of the mess because thieves decided to burst in through the front door.

“For our team to walk in at 7 a.m., see a smashed door, registers all over the floor, that’s just not right,” Nichols said.

Security video shows a truck pulling into and parked in the lot just before 6 a.m. Two people then break in.

“We ripped out some of our brand new POS systems we just bought, ripped a TV off the wall, stole some alcohol,” Nichols said.

Video from inside shows them pulling out those blank registers and looking for something in a closet.

“They were a bit covered up, but they obviously aren’t afraid of getting caught,” Nichols said.

The video shows that they even try to take the ATM but fail. Within minutes they were back through the smashed door and driving away. About an hour later the manager showed up.

“She’s alone and she has to venture into this situation, it’s scary,” Nichols said.

Nichols says the police responded immediately, but he’s tired of scary situations happening all over the city.

“Someone out there knows who these guys are, and the only way this is going to get better in our town is if we all work together,” Nichols said.

The burglary happened on National Taco Day, one of the busiest times for the restaurant. That didn’t stop workers from making sure the restaurant opened on time.

“They came in here and didn’t miss a beat,” Nichols said.

Nichols says it’s already been a tough week as the restaurant tries to help sister restaurants hit by Hurricane Ian.

“We’re all a big team here in New Orleans and Southwest Florida. We have three here, we have three there. We really need to be able to support them now through a difficult time and then we’ll make a deal with that,” Nichols said.

Fortunatly nobody was hurt; Nichols worries criminals are getting braver.

“It’s out of control what’s going on in the city right now. These guys came in here with no regard for anything. They came in here, took what they wanted and left,” Nichols said.

So far, the police have not identified these two perpetrators. The restaurant still helps workers in Florida. Employees in New Orleans created an Amazon wish list to help.

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