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Battle to save popular Northern Quarter cafe continues as Council claims it is not seeking to close it down

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A petition to save the popular Northern Quarter venue Night and Day Cafe has reached over 80,000 signatories amid claims that Manchester Council want to close the site down

The Council Licensing served Night & Day Café with a Noise Abatement Notice and says the venue, the Council are threatening to close Night & Day by saying they are a noise nuisance.

Night and Day have asked the council
to remove Noise Abatement Notice and to address the real issue here “which is that housing with ill-considered planning and construction has been approved and built next to a pre-existing live music business.

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They say that over the past 15 years, flats have been built or existing buildings converted to flats around the venue with no real thought or consideration to the pre-existing business, building and what it does.

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council said:

“The Council is, and remains, supportive of the music scene in Manchester which Night and Day has championed, but we have to comply with our duties in respect of statutory noise nuisance.

“It is important to note that the source of complaints regarding this venue relate to very loud music played in the early hours of the morning and not live band performances.

“The Council is NOT seeking to close down the venue and we want to work with the venue to address the noise, for example through suitable acoustic measures.”

Night and Day add:

“We also ask not to be labeled us as a ‘nuisance’. We believe we are a real cultural asset to the city of Manchester, the North West and to the UK as a whole. We believe we are a key part of Manchester and are very proud of what we do and have achieved. During lockdown, we were fortunate to receive Arts Council funding for being recognized as a place of cultural significance and also an Expanded Additional Restrictions Grant for Cultural and Entertainment value from Manchester City Council.”