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As Alec Baldwin’s Rust prepares to continue filming, the investigation has taken another step forward

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It’s been a year since the tragic death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins kill on set Rust After the prop gun got it wrong. Because RustIt was star Alec Baldwin who carried the gun that led to the fatal shooting, and this begs the question as to whether or not the famous actor will face any punishment for this. This western film would continue to be filmed, but the investigation into filming took it one step further.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed after being shot at Bonanza Creek Ranch by a Colt.45 pistol carried by Alec Baldwin during filming. RustThe film’s director, Joel Sousa, was also shot with the same gun. according to wrap, the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office, New Mexico, has received the sheriff’s completed police report into the shootings on set that will lead to a “thoughtful and timely decision to file charges.” When DA Carmack-Altwies requested emergency funding to pursue a file Rust She said one to four people could potentially face criminal charges with each charge being a variation of the county’s homicide law.