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A new Disney+ short discussion about body dysfunction, and here’s what people are saying about it

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God has blessed us with a lot these days Disney+ New Releases It’s easy to miss a powerful short clip like “Reflection” that was released in September as part of the final season of Walt Disney Animation closed circuit series. A wide audience is finally talking about an animation project that discusses a body malfunction, after a young ballerina struggles with her own inversion, to varied reactions.

reflect he is two short minutes (Opens in a new tab) Available to watch with Disney + . subscription It features a young dancer who finds herself uncomfortable with her skin next to her skinny peers and is asked to have a “tight tummy” and a “long neck” while getting in shape. When she looks in the mirror disappointed by her image, the mirror begins to envelop her and surround her. In order to combat the mutant reflex, the dancer must overcome her perceived flaws and own her passion for dance. Once she does, the mirror monster collapses on itself and she can enjoy her separation. Check out one answer on the short:

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