Nigerian Engineer Reveals How He Used His Life Story To Secure A Job At A Top UK Engineering Firm

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A Nigerian Engineer has shared his story to help motivate others.


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Toyyib Adewale Adelodun in a Twitter post, narrated how he used his life story to secure a job at a Tier 1 UK Engineering firm. 


According to @taadelodun, he got the job after sharing the challenges he faced while growing up as a response to being asked if he can work under pressure. 


He tweeted; 


“I went into an interview to work for a Tier I UK Engineering company.They asked me the question, “how good are you working under pressure?” “I am the first child of an African family. I have been under pressure from day one. I went to a primary school my parents couldn’t afford

So I had to become first in class every term to keep the scholarship. My books were used to teach my siblings at home, they were out of school, so I couldn’t afford to be 2nd in class I didn’t leave the compound before they phoned that I got the job

Remember to tell your story.”



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