Monkeypox: India writes to UAE seeking intensified effort to stop the virus spread & More Breaking News

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Of the positive cases in India, three who arrived from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were already exhibiting symptoms suggestive of Monkeypox disease before they arrived in India, said the Health Ministry in its communication to the UAE on August 1.

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India has now sought more intensified efforts by the UAE to stop seemingly positive people from boarding flights and travelling which allows greater transmission of the virus.

The Health Ministry in its letter to Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, executive director & International Health Regulations (IHR) focal point, UAE, sought that exit screening may be further intensified so as to ensure that persons exhibiting symptoms suggestive of Monkeypox disease are not allowed to board flights.

Joint secretary, Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal in his letter said that under Article 18 of IHR 2005, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends member states to undertake exit-screening measures at points of entry and if required impose restrictions on persons from affected areas in response to a public health emergency of international concern.

“WHO owing to the steady spread of global cases of Monkeypox disease declared the outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern calling for member states to intensify surveillance and public health measures directed against the outbreak. It is essential that IHR focal points maintain continuous coordination and share key information to avoid the spread of the disease across international borders,’’ he said in his letter.

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