Migrant Crisis at Italy’s Lampedusa, Former Mayor Warns & More Breaking News

EU flag fences migrant family

Lampedusa island of Italy was overflown with migrants last week, which have reportedly been living in severe conditions.

Soon after the media reported on the arrival of migrants, the former mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini, made sure to remind everyone of the actual reality by posting pictures as well as a video on her official Twitter account.

Nicolini said that 2,100 people who have been massed in the hospitality centre sleep on the floor and eat among garbage, stressing the poor conditions.

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“2,100 people are massed in the hospitality centre in Lampedusa. Even women (four are pregnant), children, the sick and in need of care sleep on the ground, where they also eat among the waste. The beds are less than 200. They could be photos of Libya. But no, it’s Italia,” Nicolini wrote on her official Twitter account earlier this month.

The number of migrants reaching Italy’s Lampedusa particularly increased in the last week as regular transfers between Lampedusa and Sicily were suspended due to the rough sea weather, EUobserver explains. On the other hand, arrivals from North Africa continued.

The Ministry of Interior of Italy notes that almost 31,000 sea migrants have arrived in Italy so far this year. In addition, the same revealed that as of July 12, proximately 14,000 migrants arrived in Lampedusa.

The European Union Member States have just recently been warned of new migration waves, ad people all over the world are facing a food crisis.

The Executive Director of Frontex, Aija Kalnaja, said that even though the EU countries have managed the arrival of millions of Ukrainians well, they have to be prepared for more refugees due to the global food insecurity issues.

The food crisis has been fuelled by the fact that Ukraine can no longer provide for other countries, especially for those located in the continent of Africa.

The EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, pointed out last week that the crisis of food, as well as the soaring prices, could lead to more people leaving their homes and reaching the EU countries.

Commenting on the potential migration crisis, Johansson told reports that the EU authorities should not wait until the crisis reaches the borders.

“We need to reach out earlier on,” Johansson said.

While the EU countries are preparing for a migration wave, 13 EU countries have already prepared to resettle migrants. More than 80,000 relocations have been agreed on, and the Member States have said that they are ready to provide financial assistance for other relocations to take place.

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