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Japan Focus Food export promotion to UK GM food labelling rules new Meiji functional dairy drink and more
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Promotion drive: Japan gears up for marketing campaign to promote food products in UK​

Japanese food firms in regions affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster will be ‘greatly encouraged’ by the UK’s abolition of all import restrictions, with trade officials now preparing a significant marketing push to promote food and beverage sales.

The Scottish, English and Welsh parliaments all passed legislation late last month to remove all import restrictions on food and beverage products coming in from Japanese regions that had been affected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident in 2011.

The development comes about six months after it was reported that the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) had published a risk assessment report on radiological risk to human health if restrictions were removed, which had results very positive in favour of Japan.

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Japan GM foods update: Tighter labelling regulations issued for products with genetically modified components​

Japan has updated its food labelling regulations for foods with genetically modified components, and will enact a national ‘non-GM’ labelling system update in 2023.

The Japanese government has had a tumultuous love-hate relationship with GM foods for a number of years, with some departments believing these require stronger labelling management. Others, meanwhile, have been  working to provide proof that GM crops are of no danger to the local ecosystem or food safety, and can provide a much-needed boost to the local food supply.

Earlier this year, the local Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) published documentation announcing that nine major agricultural products are now subject to mandatory GM labelling (up from the previous eight), as are processed foods that use these as ingredients.

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