Compact Anker 747 Ganprime Charger Packs 150W Power [Review]

Anker 747 GaNPrime charger with wall accessory

It’s not easy being over-excited about the Chargers. But sometimes the current wave of smaller and ever more powerful gallium nitride (GaN) chargers gets the heart pumping a little faster than that or your average sleeper, at least.

And if anyone is keeping us awake and alert about the charger market, it is Anker.

The company recently held a special event to release six chargers in its new GaNPrime line. The first one I got on hand is the Anker 747 GaNPrime charger, which pumps 150W of power through four ports. But it’s small enough to stash in your computer bag or bag without thinking.

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Anker 747 Ganprime Charger packs 150W power and 4 ports in a compact next-gen package

Anker’s Series 7 GanPrime products appear to be ready for, ahem, state-of-the-art performance. GaN technology delivers faster charging speeds in a smaller package than older silicon chargers.

Anker recently released six new GaN chargers, three of which take the form of power adapters (Anker 735, Anker 737, and Anker 747 Charger). The 747 tops that line, with a total of 150W of power through four ports.

First, let’s look at the specifications.

With four ports, the Ganprime 747 charger can charge up to four devices simultaneously. At a 150W power level, that includes laptops, of course, but you can also plug in tablets, smartphones, smart watches, earbud charging cases, and more.

  • Output Ports: 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A
  • Power per port: USB-C: max 100W; USB-A: 22.5W max
  • Total output with multiple ports engaged: 150W

For comparison, the smaller Anker 737 offers three ports (2 USB-C, 1 USB-A) with the same per-port max and total output of 120W. Just like the 735, but with a total output of 65W max.

compact design

The 747 and its smaller siblings are designed to compete with native power adapters in size and shape. GaN chargers are always moving towards smaller and more powerful forms. The 747 measures about 6cm wide by 6.2cm tall and 3cm thick, roughly the thickness of the AirPods Pro charging case.

In fact, the size of the charger is surprisingly small compared to the box it comes in.

And it’s much smaller than Apple’s 140W silicone charger that comes with the 16-inch MacBook Pro you have—less than half the size. Hell, it’s even smaller than the 67W Apple power adapter, which has just one USB-C port.

Hi-Speed ​​Smart Charging

Anker said the 747 can charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro to full battery in less than 2 hours and charge the iPhone 13 up to three times faster than the original Apple 5W charger.

I found that it charged my 14-inch MacBook Pro and iPhone 13 Pro efficiently. For example, it increased my handset’s half-full battery capacity by 25% in just 40 minutes. It took the laptop off sleep mode from 60% to 85% in 22 minutes and no apps were running.

And the USB-A port is handy if you need a quick boost compared to many third-party charging stands for items like the earbuds’ charging case, often 2.5W or 5W. Anker’s USB-A port provides 22.5W.

The charger may become hot to the touch when charging multiple devices, but not in a dangerous way. My research indicated that chargers topping 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) could be cause for concern, but the 747 stayed well below that threshold.

And it charges faster than the inductive assortment of other chargers I have lying around.

PowerIQ 4.0 and ActiveShield

Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ technology lets chargers recognize devices being charged and determine the maximum power they can take.

The Smart-Pants GaNPrime charger features Dynamic Power Allocation with PowerIQ 4.0. It gives priority to the connected device with the lowest battery level. So you plug in your stuff and know that helping the most desperate device quickly.

Anker said dynamic power allocation adjusts power delivery every 3 minutes, releasing any excess power output to other devices that are being charged. According to the company: “When charging two 67W simultaneously” [14-inch] MacBook Pros, our new GaNPrime charger will reduce the total charging time to 62 minutes.

And another feature, ActiveShield, adds security by intelligently monitoring temperature and adjusting power output to keep connected devices safe. GaNPrime chargers monitor temperatures 3 million times per day.

You can measure the efficiency of a charger by how much electricity is wasted converting AC to DC. On average, GaNPrime chargers are about 2% more efficient than previous Anker GaN power adapters, the company said.

According to Anker, the new GaN chargers cut carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the old ones.

Wall accessory with suction cup prevents the 747 from slipping through the wall outlet.
Photo: David Snow / Cult of Mac

Nice Packaging Plus Wall Accessory

The 747 comes in a stylish black box with “Series 7” written on the side, a photo on the front and lots of promotional details on the back. This is standard-issue; Neither super-premium nor barebones.

But when I opened the box, I found that at least two chargers could fit inside it. It’s almost as if Anker had planned a pleasant surprise thanks to the charger’s compact size.

In the box you get the charger, its multilingual manual and the hard-rubber wall plate accessory of the charger. The latter helps stabilize the charger with a very short suction cup against the wall to ensure it doesn’t fall out of the outlet (see photo).

And the wall plate accessory works well. Out of the box you might think those little suction cups aren’t going to do much against the charger’s moderate heft, but they do. The structure around the charger and suction cup makes for a secure fit in a wall outlet. And even without the accessory, the charger remained in the outlet.

Pricing and Availability

Several Anker Series 7 GaNPrime chargers became available July 25, including the 737 for $94.99 and the 735 for $59.99.

But the company said the Anker 747 charger will be available for preorder on Amazon or Anker for $109.99, shipping late in Q3. But we found it “sold out” on Anker and is currently available on Amazon, so maybe you’ll be lucky.

And by the way, it comes in black/grey, champagne/gold and white/silver color combinations, though not all may be available yet.

Where to Order / Preorder: Amazon or Anchor

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