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The education system has been the same over the last 100 years, not really adapting or evolving like other things in our society. So, modern problems require modern solutions. And one of the highest ranked best-to-live countries, Denmark has recognized this early. Is this a sign to move in their footsteps or hope for the best when it comes to the education system? The government of the United Kingdom has recently elected Hon James Cleverly as minister of education. How this will play out in the future or what changes he may propose is anyone’s guess.

How does Denmark achieve this?

Denmark is currently the second, right behind Finland in terms of the happiest country in the world. So, the chances are quite high that they are doing something right. The UK is the 17th right now, ranking a bit higher than the United States. Denmark has recognized this early and has a big network of home-tutoring which allows children and students to excel later on in life. Services like GoTutor are very popular there.

Why the educational system hasn’t moved

That the education system is outdated is not a surprise, but it works and has been working, so why bother to change it? The only thing that has happened in recent times is implementing vacations with more strategy. Cutting back on long back-to-back vacations and spreading out short breaks seem to be way better for information recollection of students. People have a tendency to “stay in the past” and “don’t fix what ain’t broke”. Sometimes this works out for the better, other times not so much.

Online vs Offline studying

Studies show that writing things down on paper with a pen is about 10 times more effective than writing things down via a device or online. So, it’s pretty safe to say that online learning is not the best for recollecting knowledge. Same goes with things you read, you’ll be able to remember more from a book you held in your hands than a powerpoint on a whiteboard. These are both very popular study methods you can read more about online.

However, it doesn’t mean you won’t learn at all with these methods. You’ll learn, but it is not the most effective when it comes to the memory. So, if you are learning something memory-intensive like History or Art, you might want to do that in offline face-to-face classes.

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