Bob Odenkirk Is Suggesting Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on ‘Better Call Saul’ Much More Than ‘Show Up’

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better call Saul Almost finished, only two more episodes are left to air. But something big has already happened: The prequel show, which explores the epic origins of Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Saul Goodman (and probably more nicknames than that), is already finally back. breaking bad, nearly 13 years after she first appeared on the show that started it all. (And no, they’re not aging actors.) It’s long been known that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles as meth gods Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, but if you think they’re just one Tokens appear for attendance, so think again.

Odenkirk is gone sight Tuesday, where he was essentially asked about reuniting with the two stars who made him better call Saul Debuts on Tuesday’s episode, of course, called “Breaking Bad” (and not to be confused with breaking bad episode titled “Better Call Saul”). But if you enjoyed it, that cam efrom is more.

“The truth is, this was just the beginning,” Odenkirk said. “There are more of them. The scenes that unfold are powerful.”

Odenkirk also noted some misconceptions, saying, “I love that everyone thinks they’ll show up. Then they see them, they go, ‘Great. We did it – we saw them again! ‘ I’m like, ‘You never know what’s going to happen next on our show.’ So don’t be sure you’ve seen the last – I’m telling you, you haven’t.”

In fact, at least according to IMDb (not always a reliable location, so take it with a salt mine), Cranston is listed as part of the cast in the next two episodes, while Paul is only listed as part of the final one. is for.

Odenkirk also took some time to reflect on the end of an era. “I think it’ll really affect me when I watch the final episode,” he told the crowd. “I think I’ll start crying, and I’ll call everyone, ‘We’re done!’”

You can see Odenkirk’s presence sight above. The Cranston/Paul talks begin around 2:30. better call Saul The episode airs on Monday, and it all ends on August 15.

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