Angry Canada Man Destroys Luxury Homes with Digger for ‘Revenge’ After Getting Fired & More Breaking News

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There is no denying the fact that getting fired is one of the most terrible experiences a person can go through. While some consider it as a life lesson, others are left too devastated to boost up their confidence and apply for a new job again. Case in point, recently, a Canadian man smashed his ex-boss’ property because he was furious after being fired. He took revenge by reportedly wrecking luxury lake houses in Muskoka, Ontario.

The video of the demolition was tweeted by a user named Don Tapscott, who also has a lake house in the same area, and now the footage of the same is making rounds on the internet. While posting the video, Don wrote in the caption, “You can’t make this up. A disgruntled, fired employee from a marina near our lake house snapped and destroyed the entire marina with an excavator. Does anyone have more information on what happened?” The now-viral video shows a person using a bulldozer machine to smash one of the lakeside properties. As per The Sun, the police later swooped to the scene at the Pride of Rosseau Marina, in the Muskoka Lakes.

Reportedly, the fired employee is a 59-year-old man, who was charged with mischief concerning the incident. In addition, the report also informed that a fine of £3,200 was also issued to him, who is also scheduled to appear in court at a later date. While Don tweeted the footage on July 28, the report stated that it was captured on July 21. The Sun quoted the owner of SWS Muskoka Geordie Newlands as saying that the vandalism is “shocking”. The marinas in the areas are reportedly operated by SWS Muskoka. In addition, the 59-year-old has damaged more than one building, and Geordie added that the cost of repairs will be in the millions.

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