France braces for another heatwave next week – its third this year & More Breaking News

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France will experience another heatwave from Monday, with temperatures predicted to edge close to 40°C, according to weather forecaster Météo-France.

Barely out of the last one, this will be France’s third heat wave this year.

“After a brief breather this week over a large part of the country, temperatures are rising again this weekend,” Météo-France told reporters at AFP.

“A new heat wave is establishing itself in France with temperatures that can exceed 35°C from Monday south of a Bordeaux-Lyon line,” it added. 

The forecaster said the heatwave could persist for several days in the south east, although it added there was “uncertainty” around weather conditions after Wednesday.

Maximum temperatures between Monday and Wednesday could climb to 36 and 39°C around the Rhône valley and in the southwest on Tuesday.

Highs of 38°C are estimated on Wednesday in the east, stretching from Alsace to the Lyon region. In Paris, temperatures will reach 30 to 34°C. 

Extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, have grown more frequent, intense and longer as a result of climate change, according to experts. This will only worsen unless governments and people make significant cuts to their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Météo-France is not yet able to forecast beyond next Wednesday and no departmental heatwave alerts have yet been issued. 

Temperatures are set to remain below 30°C near Brittany and the Channel in the north of France. 

The country experienced one of the earliest heatwaves in recent history in June and is emerging from a second which lasted from July 12 to 25.

The most recent extreme weather event was the “third most intense” and “the fifth longest” since 1947, according to the Météo-France website.

45 heatwaves have been recorded in the fifth republic since 1947. Three of which have occurred this year.

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