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Vanguard agreed in 2021 that it would release an interim emissions reductions plan to outline how it plans to reduce emissions by 2030. The “plan” that Vanguard released is woefully inadequate, pales in comparison to industry peers, and is by far the least ambitious, bare-minimum participation in the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAM).

Vanguard must go back to the drawing board and announce a new and substantive plan to actually reduce emissions as well as coal, oil, and gas exclusion policies!

To this day, Vanguard has not made any moves to address Indigenous rights violations or companies it invests in that contribute to deforestation. Also, it has failed to have the ambition to actually mitigate climate risk and create secure futures for clients; and it has no implementation plan to ensure that it actually meet the already minuscule “expectations” to reduce emissions by 2030.

This non-plan is a failure on every measure, and Vanguard customers, activists, financial experts, and more cannot accept it. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and release a new plan that is more in line with industry peers, NZAM principles, and Race to Zero criteria.


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