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India: Utter Pradesh social health workers strike India: Sanitation workers in Chennai on indefinite strike for permanent jobs

Hundreds of accredited social health activists (ASHA) workers and helpers (Sanginis) demonstrated in Lucknow, the Utter Pradesh capital, on June 14 and gathered outside the Vidhan Sabha (legislative assembly) building. ASHA workers from across the state joined the protest which was organised by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions.

A delegation of workers submitted a memo of ten demands to the chief minister’s office calling for ASHA workers assigned to COVID-19 duty to be classified as frontline workers and all workers engaged in pandemic management be provided with protective gear.

Other demands include five million rupees insurance cover for all frontline workers who died on duty, coverage of medical expenses for COVID-19 treatment for their families, additional COVID-19 risk allowance of 10,000 rupees ($US128) per month and distribution of other outstanding payments. They also demanded a wage increase and state-government employees to be upgraded.

Indian workers demand reopening of National Textile Corporation mills

Hundreds of textile workers protested in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and other parts of India on Tuesday to demand the reopening of National Textile Corporation (NTC) mills across the country. Workers in nine states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala, participated in the demonstrations.

The NTC was incorporated in 1968 to manage the production of private sector mills to be nationalised by the Indian government under the Sick Textile Undertakings (Nationalisation) Act 1974. By 1995, the corporation took control of 119 mills but under a so-called rationalisation program it closed 77 of these manufacturing facilities.

Tamil Nadu power station workers protest in Neyveli

Neyveli Lignite Corporation Tamil Nadu Thermal Power Station workers demonstrated outside the plant’s main entrance on June 14 to demand basic amenities. Workers said that there was no proper canteen or dining hall at the facility.

The workers also called for safe drinking water facilities, toilets near the workplace for female workers, properly equipped first-aid boxes at all places and a two-wheeler parking bay with shade. In addition, they complained that those employees who worked for six days were not given a paid day’s holiday or religious festivals and other national holidays.

The protest was organised by members of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions who alleged that a court decision directing management to provide contract workers with interim relief was being delayed by legal appeals.

Tamil Nadu: Sanitation workers in Chennai on indefinite strike

Over 1,900 sanitation workers walked out and protested outside the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) head office on June 8 demanding to be made permanent. The workers ended an earlier protest after the administration falsely promised to resolve the issue. The sanitation workers said they will maintain their protest indefinitely.

Tamil Nadu Ration Shop workers end week-long strike

Unions representing Ration Shop workers across Tamil Nadu called off a week of protests and strikes on June 10 claiming the government had given “assurances” it would settle the dispute.

The major unions involved included the state government’s Labour Progressive Front, the All India Trade Union Congress, the Centre for India Trade Unions and several other unions.

Workers want a 31 percent increase in the dearness allowance, in line with other state government employees and renewal of earned leave provisions. The current ruling DMK state government promised it would grant these demands during the last state election campaign.

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