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Who Was Mona Kizz? Dubai Porta Potty Girl Party Viral Video Twitter & Reddit



Mona Kizz

One of the popular Ugandan-based models and social media stars Mona Kizz stunned all of her fans and the rest of the people after committing suicide. She was just 23 years old at the time she decided to end her life. As per some of the details she was quite depressed and even ill after her name started linked with Dubai Porta Potty a trend that never seems to end lately. The news spread like a wildfire all over the Internet and among the Ugandan community living in Dubai. Get more information on Mona Kizz Porta Porty Dubai Viral Video.

According to the reports provided by some information sources on the Internet that the famous Instagram model passed away after committing suicide. All of her fans are immensely sad and mourning her death. She was staying at the Al Fahad building in Dubai. As we mentioned above that some of her acquaintances informed us that she was quite depressed after she was reportedly attending the Porta Potty in Dubai. Some videos and images of the model committing suicide are circulating on the Internet. She jumped from the seventh floor from the window of his room.

She was well known for living a luxurious lifestyle and was also considered as a humble human being who always brought smile on anyone’s face with her charm. Some of the information has been gained from her Instagram profile which claimed that she was involved in multiple businesses and was also running a company. Even after all that, her name was getting connected with the Porta Potty sounds weird. All of her fans are in a huge dilemma whether she attended Dubai’s Porta-Potty or not but her name is connected with the infamous profession.

A significant amount of users who are also following her through social media believed that she attended the party. It is being said that the 23 years old was quite depressed and suffering from mental illness. Some of the users are claiming that she took such a dreaded decision as she failed to recover from Porta Potty. Before her death, she was also criticized on social media due to her inappropriate posts.

For all the unversed, Porta Potty is a trend in the country where some incredibly rich Arab and European Man hired high-class escorts and fulfill their weird desires. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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