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South Africa

WATCH: Salt said to have sparked assault of black teen by white man



limpopo groblersdal racist assualt

A video of a black teenager being beaten to a pulp by a white man has gone viral on social media as South Africa celebrates Youth Day. The assault reportedly took place in Groblersdal, Limpopo, on Wednesday night and is believed to have started as a result of a dispute over salt at a fish and chips restaurant. 

The video shows a white man in a red shirt and dark blue shorts assaulting a young man in an orange beanie, brown jacket and black jeans. The attacker is seen kicking the teen and stomping on his chest before pointing a gun at him. 

A white Limpopo man is said to have assaulted a black teenage boy over salt. Picture: Screenshot

Angry voices from witnesses are also heard in the video.

“Just because you have a gun, you’re not a God. We are going to expose you for what you are,” says the audibly distraught man recording the video. 

WATCH: Groblersdal man violently attacks teen over salt

South African Police Service (Saps) spokesperson Motlafela Mojapelo confirmed to Newzroom Afrika that the incident in the viral video did take place and said that a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) and pointing of a firearm had been opened. 

“Police are currently busy with investigations and we already know the suspect and he will be apprehended,” Mojapelo said. 

Teen’s mother explains

The teen in the video has since been identified as Kopano by his mother, who also stated that his family couldn’t sleep after the attack.  

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“The reason why my son was assaulted was because of salt at a store that was selling fish and chips. They wanted to use salt as they just purchased chips, whilst the white man was using it but he didn’t want to let them use it,” Julia Makweng told Newzroom Afrika.

According to Julia, the attacker pushed one of the boys that her son was with and also pointed a gun at Kopano’s brother. Kopano is said to have tried to stop the altercation at this point which is what led to the assault captured on video.

Kopano’s mother said her son – who has asthma – is currently hospitalised and complaining of chest pains.

The family is still waiting for Kopano to be examined by medical professionals after the attack.

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