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Switzerland to Extend COVID Testing Rule for People Being Deported & More Breaking News Headlines Today



Lucerne Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council has announced that the country is planning to extend the COVID-19 testing requirement for all persons that are to be deported back to their countries.

Switzerland has been applying the testing rule for deported persons since October 2021, as many states continue to require a negative test result for the readmission of expelled persons.

The previous regulation was expected to end in December 2022. However, the Federal Council asked for such a rule to be extended until the end of June 2024 so that the Swiss cantons can continue to fulfil their enforcement task, reports.

“At its meeting on June 3, 2022, the Federal Council passed a message to extend this regulation until the end of June 2024 so that the cantons can continue to fulfil their enforcement task. The previous regulation is limited to December 31, 2022. the statement of the Council reads.

The Swiss authorities emphasised that in order to be able to ensure that the deportation is carried out without any issues, the Parliament should declare this an urgent matter.

The Federal Council of Switzerland explains that even though the COVID-19 situation is under control, the majority of countries of origin of persons who are obliged to leave Switzerland still continue to require a negative COVID-19 test result for the readmission and transportation of these expelled persons.

“At this point in time and due to the volatile Covid-19 situation, it is not foreseeable when the countries of origin or the transport companies will refrain from a Covid-19 test,” the Council stated.

This means that as long as countries of origin, as well as transport companies, continue to require a negative COVID-19 test result, Switzerland will not drop the testing rule for those being deported.

While Switzerland wants to extend the testing rule for persons being deported, the country has already lifted the COVID-19 entry rules for those leaving and entering the country for travel purposes.

Switzerland lifted its COVID entry rules for all travellers on May 2. Since then, all persons have been able to enter Switzerland without having to follow any measures. When reaching Switzerland, travellers are not required to present a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate.

The State Secretariat said that travellers now are only required to follow basic border measures.

The World Health Organization shows that Switzerland has recorded only 1,194 new COVID19 infection cases in the last seven days. As for the vaccination rates, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health reveals that the country has administered a total of 15,720,430 vaccine doses until now.

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