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Nigeria has High Global Skill Supply Potentials in Tech Industry, Says Ranganath & More Trending News Today



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Ugo  Aliogo

The Chief Technology Officer, Africa Data Center (ADC), Krishnan Ranganath, has stated that Nigeria has the potential to become global skill supplier in the technology industry in Africa and the world, noting that the country is blessed with smart software developers, technology hubs, and startups who are transforming the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space in the country.

Ranganath, who disclosed this yesterday while receiving an award of excellence from Gage Awards for the company’s contribution to the IT industry, said Nigeria is one of the fastest growing markets in Africa, which adopts technology much faster.

He revealed that the Nigeria banking ecosystem has one of the strongest IT infrastructure in Africa, adding that the Nigeria ‘seconomy is driven by technology, therefore there is the likelihood that the technology subsector would grow faster.

“Whether in Nigeria or outside Nigeria, Nigerian youths are enterprising and industrious, what they may lack is a bit of direction from the beginning. I think when the private sector starts giving them proper orientation and direction, that will be corrected,” he stated.

He remarked that the Nigeria tech market is really growing, however it is experiencing a bit of slowness, because of elections are coming which he said is natural everywhere, but expressed confidence that things would stabilise after the election.

Ranganath urged the government to ensure that the ease of doing business is much more practicalised, adding that there is a need for government to interlink the online processes involved in the ease of doing for ease and efficiency, “information flow should be much cordial and coordinated.”

The ADC CTO explained that the private and public sector need to focus more on Nigeria originated IT applications and solutions, in order to promote locally produced applications.

Speaking on the partnership with Gage Awards, he said Gage Awards is enabling things, such as encouraging up and coming IT startups and the younger generation, “If you look at the ADC, we are doing the same thing. So it is proper that some of us who are likely minded individuals come together and partner to help the up and coming IT developers to achieve their personal goals.”

He remarked that the government should come up with a plan or action point, stating that preference has to be given to Nigeria IT software developers, so that they can be encouraged, rather than bringing from outside.

According to him, “Government should come up with some scholarship programmes and capacity development initiatives or tax holidays to ICT companies and startups as part of efforts to boost that industry. Unless you invest in that industry, you will not get anything commensurate. In the global market, we have around 5,000 data centers, but the problem is that you don’t find capacity. So there is a gap between what you need and what is available. So Nigeria can become one of the skill suppliers in the IT market.

“Private sector and IT companies need to play their role in building the capacity of young IT software developers and engineers first after which they seek government support and approval. You cannot go to government with a business plan or training plan without developing the plan. The private sector should create an assembling hub where they bring these guys together and build their capacity.” 

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