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Toddlers meet K9 stalwart and the team who protects Moot community



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Toddlers at the Bennie Boekwurm’s Kinderland nursery school in the Moot were very excited to meet Jaro, a four-legged stalwart from the police’s K9 unit, last week.

They got to meet Jaro during a visit to the school by the K9 search-and-rescue team, Kilnerpark security, a representative of domestic violence, child protection and sexual offences unit as well as the local police station.

More than 90 children sat with great anticipation to share a photo with Jaro.

Warrant Officers Len Willemse, Melani Smit as well as Kilnerpark’s spokesperson, Ancelize van der Kooi and Sergeant Rhina Moseki of the Moot police used the opportunity to tell the children how to stay safe.

Van der Kooi said this was one of many visits to schools in the Moot area to equip children with the necessary safety tips.

“The kids love Jaro and it was definitely one of the highlights of the day,” said Van der Kooi.

“We first spoke to the children and then brought Jaro out. He is child-friendly and each child was able to take a photo with the search and rescue team stalwart after the talk.

“Melani spoke about the police emergency number and reassured them that we are here to ensure their safety.”

A huge part of the visit was to make the children aware again of who the police and the security are and who is on the ground to protect the community.

“Children should know where the panic button is located in the house if they need help.

“Thank you for everyone’s willingness to look after our children in the Moot,” said Van der Kooi.

“Len reminded the children not to go swimming alone without supervision and not to share any personal information with strangers,” she said.

Warrant Officer Len Willemse and his K9, Jaro.

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