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Three steps to make your home listing stand out online



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The way your home photographs is a crucial first step in the selling process, because most buyers begin their house hunting journey online and base their decision on viewing or skipping a house on the photos they see. RE/MAX advise you take the time and put in the effort to tick off these three steps before the photographer arrives:

Start outside

You want the potential buyer to be impressed from the get go, so start by boosting your curb appeal. Make sure the exterior of the house is ultra neat and clean. Remove all pet waste, sweep the driveway, clear away loose leaves, trim overgrown vegetation, and pull out any weeds. Check that the paint on the walls looks fresh and add a pop of colour by placing a beautiful pot at the entrance with some striking plants that are in bloom.

Stage the interior

Look at homes in magazines and take notes to help you get a feel for what photographs well and what doesn’t. Generally you want to take the minimalist approach – remove clutter, clean everything and stick to a neutral pallet. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors, clean kitchen surfaces, scrub the bathrooms, pack away personal belongings, and ensure all beds are made. To avoid becoming a target for potential burglars who might spot the home online, it is also advisable to conceal any valuable items. Sellers should also turn on all lights and open all curtains to ensure that the listing photographs are well lit.

Update dated features

There is no need to renovate the entire home, but small touch ups can make all the difference when it comes to improving the overall appeal of your home. Retouch any chipped paint on the walls, repaint yellowing ceilings, update outdated fittings, and fix any loose door or cupboard hinges. These small and often inexpensive updates also leave less for buyers to haggle down the asking price on.