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Royal news: Harry and Meghan to attend Platinum Jubilee led by Kate and William



Meghan and Harry

In this week’s royal news update, the Palace has released a statement announcing that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the senior royal family members to lead the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Prince Harry has released a short film for his travel company to promote sustainable tourism, and Meghan Markle’s secret to dealing with her anxiety has been revealed.

Prince Harry shows off acting skills in new travel film

On Monday, the Duke of Sussex announced that he would be sharing a new project which would air on television in New Zealand.

The youngest son of the late Princess Diana left his royal fans delighted after it was revealed that his new project was a short film in which he made an appearance for his travel company Travalyst, which aims to promote sustainable tourism.

The film sees Prince Harry wearing an adorable t-shirt which says “Girl dad”, referring to his 11-month-old daughter Lilibet.

In the clip, the Duke is approached by a rating agent. He gets the agents nationality wrong, and asks him if he is Australian.

The agent corrects Harry, and then Harry says, “Terribly sorry. I know you guys hate that.”

The prince is then questioned about a sweet wrapper which he dropped on the ground on his last trip to New Zealand before they both explain a new rating system which allows for tourists to be given marks based on their behaviour during their trips to different nations.

The agent then jokes and says that Harry received a rating of 3 stars out of 100, when in actual fact his rating is out of 5.

The agent also gives the father-of-two a nod for buying local honey on his trip, and for closing the tap while he is brushing his teeth.

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Meghan Markle’s secret to dealing with anxiety revealed

The Duchess of Sussex has expressed many times before that she occasionally suffers from mental illnesses, namely anxiety and depression.

Hello magazine recently revealed that Markle finds comfort in acupuncture when suffering from anxiety, and when speaking to The Chalkboard about her health, she revealed that acupuncture also saved her from the terrible migraines she used to have.

“I have been a longtime believer in acupuncture. I used to have debilitating migraines (hospitalised for them), and acupuncture and Eastern medicine absolutely changed my life. Migraine-free living is a game-changer,” said Markle.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to lead Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II has stepped back after her health has taken a knock and has given her grandchildren the chance to lead with royal duties and public appearances.

With her Platinum Jubilee fast approaching, the monarch has made the decision to have Kate Middleton and Prince William lead the celebrations for the Jubilee across the UK.

The Palace announced that the royal couple will embark on a tour leading up to the Platinum Jubilee where they will visit the different nations of the United Kingdom to attend a number of engagements, including public events marking the occasion.

“Over the course of the Central Weekend, Members of the Royal Family will visit the Nations of the United Kingdom to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Members of the Royal Family will attend engagements in each nation, including public events marking the occasion,” said the Palace in a statement.

The Queen’s decision and the announcement come after it was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well as their two children will be making their way to the UK to attend the celebrations.