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R55 road users in Centurion warned about rock trap criminals



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A local security company found a car by the side of the R55 after it ran over a large rock believed to have been placed there by criminals to force motorists to come to a stop.

The incident happened near the Zwartkops race track in Centurion at about 03:30 on the morning of Monday, May 9, according to Tactical Reaction Services operations manager Huzair Mahomed.

Mahomed said the rock was approximately 40cm wide and 50cm-60cm in height.

Mahomed said he was on his way from Sunderland Ridge when he saw the car parked on the side of the road at a 45-degrees angle.

“That was very suspicious to me so I pulled over behind the car at a safe distance because I didn’t know if it was a suspect or not.

“I called our control room to alert them that I am approaching a suspicious vehicle. I also sent them my location for safety purposes,” he said.

“When I got close to the car, I found the driver sleeping in the driver’s seat.

“He then explained to me that he hit a rock on the road which damaged the car’s battery terminals so the car couldn’t move,” said Mahomed.

Mahomed believed that criminals placed the rock on the road so that motorists come to a stop and then rob them of their belongings.

“I offered to take him back to Laudium where he will be much safer but he refused and said that his family is on the way.

“No criminals were spotted. Maybe because I arrived at the right time and my security vehicle could have scared them away.”

He said the R55 road is very dangerous and motorists must be vigilant at all times to avoid falling victim to crimes such as smash-and-grabs.

Mahomed urged motorists to take note of the following safety tips when driving at night:

– Be extra cautious when driving at night.

– Always make sure your doors and windows are properly closed.

– Don’t stop by the side of the road.

– If the metro police stop you, drive to the safest place and rather stop there.

– The R55 road is known for speeding, do not drive at a high speed at all.

– Have your rear lights on.

The police could not be reached at the time of going to press.

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