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Ohuabunwa blames lack of development on poor leadership



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Presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, has blamed systemic failure and poor leadership for Nigeria’s lack of development.

Ohuabunwa in a interaction with journalists, regretted that quality leadership is lacking in every sector of the country.

He noted that Nigeria as an oil producing nation is importing refined fuel, which he said has resulted in scarcity.

“Inflation is going up every day. Today we have 75 percent of Nigerians who are poor,” he stated, adding that such has rendered salary of civil servants worthless.

The aspirants said this has led to corruption and some of the civil servants looking for other ways to augment their take home pay.

He however, said the situation is not irredeemable but quickly remarked that it requires quality leadership.

“Let’s exploit our potentials in agriculture, minerals resources, etc to develop the country.

“It is sad that for example, despite the availability of fruits and other agricultural products, we don’t have good and reputable processing plants across the country,” he said.

Ohuabunwa promised human capital development, and said he would raise the quality of compensation to motivate workers.

“If we have inflation that is more than five percent, salary will be adjusted,” he assured.

He also assured that public resources would be well utilised to create wealth to solve the problems of unemployment, poverty and insecurity.