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Lawyer urges Nigerians to take active part in politics



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An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Ahmed Usman, has advised Nigerians to show interest in politics as a process of enthroning best leaders.

Mr Usman, who gave the advice in Ilorin on Saturday in an interview, said that they should stop branding politics as “dirty”.

The legal practitioner stated that most people see politics as a no-go area for them, because they think it is a dirty game.

“Most people always condemn politics and warn their children not to go into it. Some have even stopped their wives from going out to vote on election day.

“Some religious leaders are also in the habit of discouraging their followers from getting involved in politics because of their thinking that it is a dirty and evil practice.

“There is nothing bad in politics. People should stop misleading the public. Go out and vote for any candidate of your choice. There is no any sin or crime being committed by exercising your voting rights,” he said.

The legal practitioner called on members of the public to go out and vote during the 2023 general elections, adding that when people fail to exercise their voting rights, they will continue to suffer bad leadership.