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Hundreds flock to Hazel Food Market



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Hundreds of people visited Hazel Food Market on Saturday.

The market offers food from various cultures as well as arts and crafts.

One of the owners of the market, Gerhard Scholtz, said it had been in existence for 15 years.

Photo: Brendan, Ruby, Drew and Carla Coughlan

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Scholtz said it was certainly one of the first food markets in Pretoria.

“We give customers an outdoor experience. A lot of people do not like to go to malls anymore. Here you can come out, have a seat under shady trees and you can buy anything you can think of.”

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Photo : Frederik and Levi Kotzé

Scholtz said they tried to create a market that was international as they offered food from different parts of the world.

“We have German, Italian, Portuguese, Argentinian, Peruvian, and Dutch food and a lot of others. We try to offer fresh quality food and products.”

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Tayla Hollamby and Collette Pitout

He said the market had become a culture to a lot of people who have been visiting them every Saturday over the years.

“People just love it, they just love coming here.

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Photo : Jack Thuta Tin , Stephanie De Sousa Höll

“We have a huge customer base that comes every Saturday. We have people coming from all over Gauteng and even further than that. We also have a large following of diplomats and foreign people who visit us every Saturday.”

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Photo :Quintin de Weerdt, Yolandi de Weerdt, Sony Steenkamp, Alome Pleterse

He said despite the hard lockdown regulations, the market had come out even stronger.

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Photo : Janice Laurente, Miranda Jolicoeur

“We were closed for about three months but it made us stronger and it taught us a lot of things. We have come out tops, the market is really busy and we cannot complain.”

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Photo : Gemma Gatticchi and Tiaan Strydom

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