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Hajj 2022: CSO urges fairness as it monitors distribution of slots




As part of measures to ensure equitable distribution of Hajj seats to pilgrims, Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR), a civil society organisation, has said it will monitor how state Muslim Pilgrim Boards share their hajj 2022 allocation to intending pilgrims.

The Saudi authority allocated 43,008 pilgrims quota to Nigerian pilgrims to participate. The National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) allocated 45,450 to states and 20,000 slots were given to tour operators.

IHR charged hajj officials responsible for allocating seats to all intending pilgrims to be fair to all.

The civil society in a statement by its national coordinator, Ibrahim Muhammed, stated that its members across the states have been directed to liaise with the leadership of the boards and agencies in the states to know the number of intending pilgrims that have been are able to meet the criteria set by the NAHCON, and those that are eventually selected to perform 2022 Hajj.

IHR said, “The allocation of 2022 hajj seats to states Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards follow certain criteria adopted by NAHCON and we urge states Pilgrims Boards to apply its agreed principle of first come, first serve.

The CSO said the 65 year age limit set by Saudi Arabian authorities will disrupt the philosophy of ‘first come ,first serve’ because there are pilgrims who paid much earlier than others but are above the age.

IHR also said the projection of N2.5 million as hajj fare will affect the outcome, adding that “not all those who are on priority list will be able to pay up the balance of their fare as at when due.”