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FIFA slams two-year worldwide ban on Nigerian footballer



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Nigeria Football Federation has confirmed the ban of Nigerian footballer Chizoba Iyikwobe from any football-related activity.

Christopher Chizoba Iyikwobe was handed the global ban after the Bangladeshi Football Federation(BFF) made a request to the world football governing body.

The BFF had slammed a two-year worldwide ban on Iyikwobe in September 26th 2021 and requested FIFA to substantiate and approve the ban.

FIFA’s approval means the ban will last till September 2023 and that means the Nigerian will be involved in any football-related activity for the time.

The 30-year old Iyikwobe is being punished for an alleged breach of contract.

The NFF in an official statement in February said;

“A letter dated 4th February 2022 and signed by the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Football Federation, Md. Abu Nayeem Shohaq and addressed to the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation conveyed the decision of the Chairperson of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, Jorge Ivan Palacio, which was taken on 3rd February 2022.

“FIFA’s letter on the decision of its Disciplinary Committee, which was signed by Carlos Schneider, Director of FIFA Judicial Bodies, recalled that the Appeals Committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation had “confirmed the two-year ban on Iyikwobe on 26th September 2021, and the Disciplinary Committee’s decision has now made the ban a global affair.”