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CHOC committed to helping children with cancer




The CHOC Childhood Cancer Association of South Africa strives to produce children with the best possible care with their state-of-the-art facility.

Situated on Monument Avenue in Lyttelton Manor, the NPO can transport children to Unitas and Steve Biko hospitals.

The facility has six bedrooms that can accommodate a total of eight children who enjoy a high quality of life while receiving their necessary treatments.

Children are required to have their personal caretakers who will stay with them at the facility for as long as it is needed for them to stay there.

Regional manager of the Northern Region, Ina Schomper said she wanted the children to feel as safe and comfortable as possible at the facility.

“We always describe this place as being a home away from home.

“Here they have their bed and we try our best to accommodate their every need,” she said.

The children are provided with three meals a day, a playroom and a jungle gym outside.

Children are brought to the facility by pediatric oncologists who identify children and families who find themselves in particularly challenging circumstances.

“These children are mostly from underprivileged and rural backgrounds with parents who are usually not in a position to pay for expensive cancer treatments,” said Schomper.

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Once the child has been diagnosed with cancer by the pediatrist, a social worker is assigned to help the parents and family cope with such a diagnosis.

They are also given advice and information needed to fully understand what their child is going through.

If the child passes away, the family is provided with a bereavement fund of R500.

Schomper said raising awareness around cancer in children is one of CHOC’s greatest challenges and is something that all South Africans should get involved in.

“One OF the biggest reasons children in this country die of cancer is due to late detection.

“We can save so many lives if we just encourage people to educate themselves about cancer,” he said.

Schomper and her team encourage residents of Centurion to attend their High Tea fundraising event they will be hosting on May 28.

For more information, feel free to contact CHOC on 012 323 3490 or 068 1007212.

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