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2023: Boroffice declares for President, vows seek to international help to end insurgency



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The Deputy Senate Majority Leader and senator representing Ondo North Senatorial District, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, has officially declared his intention to contest for the office of the President on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) with a promise to seek help from international community to end security challenges confronting the nation.

Boroffice said that if elected president, his administration would establish the Ministry of Homeland Security that would coordinate the security architecture of the country.

Speaking in Abuja on Saturday in a speech titled: “Time to Unite for Nigeria’s Progress”, he rolled out a four-point agenda, which included fighting insecurity, economic development, education, human resources development and anti-corruption.

“To combat the scourge of insurgency, I will sponsor specialised training for counter-insurgency units in security agencies to hunt and destroy terrorists in the country.

He said: “Kidnapping will be tackled by the special unit by tracking, hunting and destroying rings. I will build on the foundational work regarding the National Identification Number (NIN) registration. This is quite vital.

“I will sustain Nigeria’s investment in the Multinational Joint Tasksforce (MNJTF) and closely work with neighbouring countries like Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger to combat terrorism and protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria. I will seek international help wherever it can be obtained. I will consult with military planners who have the expertise in combating insurgencies that we do not have. “

The lawmaker also promised to provide electricity subsidy to poor Nigerians.

He added that he would introduce a surcharge for high consumers of energy and this excess would be used in funding the subsidy.

“The National Electricity Commission will implement a tier pricing system in which those who consume very little electricity will pay a subsidised rate for electricity. The next tier will pay the full price of electricity but will only be allowed a certain amount of electricity at this rate. The next tier will pay a surcharge on any excess electricity they use over the prescribed amount. This would be used to subsidise the consumers,” he added.