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I heard about this new limited edition series, and I just couldn’t wait to dive into it as it came highly recommended; the movie left me wondering why we seemed to have watched loads of fraud-related films in the past few months. Bad Vegan was a true-crime docuseries about a famous vegan restaurateur and her husband. How they started, the business had issues, got divorced, and then she met this supposedly cool, calm, collected, wealthy guy that finally destroyed all she had left; intense movie with lessons to make sure you pay utmost attention. Chris Smith directed the film, and the four episodes averaged 51mins each.
HIGH NOTE (2020) What do you get when you mix Tracee Ellis Ross (the daughter of the legendary Diana Ross), Ice Cube, and Dakota Johnson in one film? The High Note: a feel-good movie about a music icon (played by Tracee) who’s about to sign on to do a residency engagement after not releasing any new music. That soon changes as her assistant (played by Dakota) stops at nothing to get the diva to record new music. Directed by Nisha Gantra, the actors and actresses killed the roles to execute a well-rounded movie. The High Note has love, music, drama, and tears!

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Adrian Tititni played the lead role of Mircea, who had remarried and was expecting a baby soon; one day, he gets a message from the police that his son from his previous wife had conveyed missing in the mountains. Mircea, desperate to find his only existing son, would stop at no length to try to rescue him. You will need to watch the entire movie to see how far he went, firstly calling the military, selling his home, and even putting everything at risk to find him; fantastic touching story; please wait till the very last scene; it will leave you breathless. Daniel Sandu directed the Romanian movie, the 109m social issue, a drama, thriller movie featuring Elena Purea, Judith State, Tudor Smoleanu, etc.

Jesse Plemons plays the role of the tech billionaire who decides suddenly to go on a quick getaway with his pretty wife to their massive drive through vacation home, just to spend quality time together and plan their future, but what seemed like a sweet holiday transcends quickly into a nightmare as they bump into a man who had broken in to steal from them, well do check it out to find out if they made it out alive. Charlie McDowell directed the 92m crime drama thriller movie, featuring Jason Segel, Lily Collins, Omar Leyva, etc.