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LASU ID Card for Full-Time Students is ready for collection



The DICT has hinted that Identify Cards for the 2020/2021 Admitted Students are now ready for collection at many of the faculties.

The DICT noted that ID cards for students in the above category in the following faculties are available for collection and students are therefore enjoined to proceed to their departments to collect the ID Card, Cardholder and the Lanyard. 

The faculties whose production has been completed as at the time of this release includes:

1. Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences (Liason Office, Ojo Campus)

2. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (Liason Office, Ojo Campus)

3. Faculty of Clinical Sciences (Liason Office, Ojo Campus)

4. Faculty of Dentistry (Liason Office, Ojo Campus)

5. Faculty of Law

6. School of Agriculture (Liason Office, Ojo Campus)

7. School of Transport & Logistics Studies

8. Faculty of Arts

Production of students’ ID cards for other faculties not listed above is ongoing and Will be issued by the end of the coming week. 

The Vice Chancellor further directs that ID cards must be worn by Students and Staff members of the University.

Thank you.