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JL Cultural Troupe Targets World Market



Jonas Laryea

Jonas Laryea

JL Cultural Troupe, one of Ghana’s recognised leading traditional music and dance group based in the capital, has declared its intention to develop traditional music and dance by organising free training lessons for the youth.

The group, since its inception some years back, has thrilled diverse audiences in the country with its own variations of traditional music and dance, as well as contemporary dance pieces.

The traditional music and dance group was formed with the aim of promoting and preserving the rich and authentic Ghanaian and African culture.

It can boast of over twenty choreographed dances that are accompanied by authentic African drum rhythms in their rich repertoire.

Accompanied by an array of African drums, shakers, xylophones and atenteben flutes, the group has endeared itself to the hearts of Ghanaian cultural music and dance fans with its complex rhythms that expose the beauty and diversity of African music and dance.

As a fore-runner in the development of contemporary African dance in Ghana, the group is set to embark on a performance tour in some selected communities to promote cultural music and dance, as well as develop the talent in the youth.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group, Jonas Laryea, said the group which is made up of talented seasoned performers, has over the past months been creating waves with magnificent and powerful performances.

According to him the group has staged live musical performances and drama in some selected institutions to encourage the young ones to develop interest in traditional music and dance.

He revealed that the group is working tirelessly to establish cultural centres in some selected countries in Africa and in Europe to train foreigners who want to learn about African culture and dance.

He mentioned that the ultimate mission of the group is to promote African culture, by presenting dances and music that illuminate the richness of African traditional values. It will also continue to inspire the youth and assist young Ghanaian artistes to expose their talents.

Some of its members are Titus Kwaku Forkuoh, a choreographer, Agnes Naa Larsey – dancer/singer, Paul Oteng – drummer/singer, Faustina Ackah – dancer/singer, and Gideon Opoku – drummer.

The group has toured and performed in the major cultural festivals within Ghana, and has plans of extending its activities beyond the shores of Ghana.

BY George Clifford Owusu