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I wish those posting my half-nude pictures on social media well – Nafisa Abdullahi



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Nafisa Abdullahi, the famous lead actress of the rested Labarina Film Series, has continued to receive criticisms from Islamic leaders and members of the Kannywood family over her recent statement on social media condemning the Almajiri system of education. She was quoted recently as saying it was wrong for parents to allow their children to roam the streets in search of Qur’anic education. Nafisa in this brief interview tells ALIYU ASKIRA her own side of the story.

In the beginning

I joined Kannywood many years back through Ali Nuhu with my debut film, Nafisa Sai Watarana.

It was alleged by Fati Slow Motion and Naziru Ahmad, including several others, that you can’t recite the Fatiha but are condemning the Almajiri system of education.

I don’t want to talk so much on this again because my earlier statement was done in good faith. Why should we be giving birth to children and allowing them to roam the streets in search of education, food and shelter. I am in a position to air my views on what is happening in society. I have a degree in Theater Arts from University of Jos; I have a diploma in photography from London; I am a popular artist and ambassador of many companies. So, I am in a very good position to advise on what is happening in society.

People think the attack by Naziru Ahmad was more personal because he alleged that the lives of artists are far worse than those of the Almajirai; what’s your reaction to that?

I read many things, even the allegation that I can’t recite Suratul-Fatiha. I don’t blame Fati Slow Motion for saying that because recently she got N1 million from Naziru Ahmad. I also read comments by the Ulamma alleging that most of us are worse than prostitutes because in most cases we operate from hotels and that we lack manners and moral training.

People always refer to your controversial activities in Kannywood and your famous romance with Adam Zango…

What is wrong if I had a relationship with Adam Zango? What is wrong if I rented a flat in Kaduna and stayed with my late mother? Some people are doing all they could to run me down, but I have passed over that stage and at the appropriate time, I will pay them back in the same coin. I will always condemn allowing children to roam the streets because this happens only in the North. Remember actresses like Maryam Booth issued a statement standing by my position.

Most of your mates are getting married; 12 female members of Kannywood, prominent among them are Aisha Aliyu Tsamiyya, Hassana Mohammed, Hafsat Idris Barauniya and Ali Art Work who settled down recently. When is yours coming up?

It’s time and destiny; you don’t expect me to propose to a man if he does not propose to me. I saw many of my half-nude pictures on social media since I made that comment. Well, those posting them I wish them well; fortunately, the pictures are mine and I cannot deny them.