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How Lukas Podolski performed at Inter



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Lukas Podolski

In the middle of the 2010s “Inter” ceased to be a giant of European soccer and even could not break into the Champions League zone for several years. By the way, football results today involving this club are easy to follow on the sports statistics website. Here you can find current data, which is updated online.

The regression in Inter’s results is partly explained by the team’s rather strange signings. These include Lukas Podolski. The forward joined the team in 2015 on loan from “Arsenal”. 

In the German national team, Podolski has always been in leading positions. He is among the top 5 scorers in its history. But at the club level, his career was not so successful. So, the period in “Inter” can hardly be called a good one. The forward played a total of 18 games for the team, but managed to hit the opponents’ goal only once.

Of course, this is obviously not what fans and club management expected from the experienced forward. By that time Podolski was already 30, and he began to decline quite quickly. The player had lost his speed, his sharpness. In addition, he never did his best on trainings, which also had a negative impact on his overall physical condition.

Naturally, after the end of the loan agreement, Inter did not buy the player’s contract. Since he played very few games in Italy, it is unlikely that anyone will even remember that Podolski played in Serie A.

Why couldn’t the forward demonstrate his best qualities?

The player’s failure in Italy can hardly be called a sensation. At club level, Podolski has never been a super striker. Well, after 30 years, his productivity has decreased significantly. By the way, today it is easy to follow the football results of the teams, in which he played, on the sports statistics website.

Among the main reasons for the failure of the German forward in Serie A, it is worth noting:

  1. A small amount of playing time. Despite the fact that the player played 18 matches in Serie A, he mostly came on as a substitute for 5-10 minutes. Naturally, during this period, it was difficult for him to demonstrate his best game qualities.
  2. The general regression of the team. At that time, “Inter” was at the peak of its crisis and even great players like Icardi often spent unimpressive matches.
  3. Lack of understanding with partners. Because of this, the player looked completely alien on the field.

Soon after leaving “Inter”, Podolski will go to Japan to finish his career. However, he will return to Europe when he will be 36 years old. However, the comeback will occur in the Polish championship, where the level of competition is much lower. There, at a respectable, as by soccer standards, age, the forward, was able to demonstrate his class.