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El Hadji Diouf – one of the main legends of the Senegalese national team



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In the history of the national team of Senegal there were many bright players that fans around the world remembered well. Every tomorrow football match with the participation of this team can be easily found on the sports statistics website. Here, each match is covered in detail.

If we talk about the main legends of the Senegalese team, El Hadji Diouf should definitely be included among them. This bright midfielder was remembered by many fans at the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Largely thanks to his technique and productive strikes the team sensationally managed to get to the quarterfinals.

Diouf made his debut for the national team in 2000, when he was 19 years old. Due to his speed and excellent dribbling, he quickly became an important player in the tactical formations. 

However, the player’s career in the national team lasted not long. His last match was in 2008, when he was 27 years old. After that, due to a conflict with the coaching staff, the footballer left the team.

In total, he has played 70 matches for Senegal, where he managed to hit the opponents’ goal 24 times. Thanks to this, Diouf is among the top five scorers in the history of the national team. 

Even though his career was short, it was certainly bright and will surely be remembered by the fans. Only because of his short temper, a bad character, the player could not play more. But at the club level, he continued to play until 2015. However, his career in teams was not as successful.

The strong points of El Hadji Diouf

Such a bright and “explosive” footballer as El Hadji Diouf is definitely remembered by many fans. In the national team he always gave 100%. Thanks to this, the forward became one of the best players in the history of the national team. By the way, you can always find its football match schedule for tomorrow on the sports statistics website. Verified and relevant information is available here.

When talking about the strengths of El Hadji Diouf, we can highlight:

  1. Excellent technique. Thanks to it, the forward could easily get into the operational space. For him it was never a problem to deal with almost any opponent.
  2. Excellent starting speed. If there was a pass from deep midfield, Diouf almost always won the race against defenders. Thanks to this, his team could conduct a successful attack.
  3. His chemistry with his national teammates. He regularly gave assists to players like Camara, Diop and other players.

We can only regret that due to his questionable character, the footballer ended his career in the national team so early and was not able to realize his full potential. But the fans will always remember his brilliant performances.