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Chery goes above and beyond




“The new DHT Hybrid system has a unique operating model that is based, first and foremost, on customers’ needs and driving patterns. In China, this technology officially introduces the next generation of hybrid propulsion to the market,” said Tony Liu, executive deputy general manager of Chery South Africa.

Three engines

At the heart of the new hybrid system is Chery’s use of three “engines”. The first engine is a hybrid-specific version of its popular 1.5 turbo-petrol engine, which delivers 115kW and 230Nm.

It is worth noting that the platform is also ready for a hybrid-specific version of its 2.0 turbo-petrol engine.

The turbo-petrol engine is “hybrid-specific”, as it is lean burning and has best-in-class efficiency. It is paired with two electric motors, which combine to offer the three engines mentioned above.

The two electric motors have power outputs of 55kW and 160Nm and 70kW and 155Nm respectively. They are both fitted with a unique fixed-point oil injection cooling system, that not only allows the motors to run at a lower operating temperature, but that extends the operating life to well beyond industry standards.

Lastly, Chery has tested the electric motors to offer a power transmission efficiency of 97.6%. This is the highest in the world.

Three gears

Chery has created a three-gear transmission that combines with its standard variable transmission to near infinite gear combinations. This means that whether the driver wants the lowest fuel consumption, the highest performance, the best towing capabilities or any other application specific use, it is catered for with this three-gear set-up.

Nine modes

The three engines and three gears are matched and managed by nine unique operating modes.

The nine modes include single-motor electric only mode, dual motor pure electric performance, a direct drive from the turbo petrol engine and a parallel drive that harnesses both petrol and electric power.


11 speeds

Lastly, the new hybrid system offers 11 speed modes.

The 11 speeds cover all possible vehicle usage scenes, including low speed driving (for instance while moving in heavy traffic), long distance driving, mountain driving where low-end torque is welcome, overtaking, expressway driving, driving on slippery conditions, where the dual-axle motors will drive all four wheels for better traction, and urban commuting.

“We are also excited to see how our new hybrid technology will lay the foundation for a complete new range of vehicle solutions where we utilise these systems innovations in engine management, transmission and power delivery in many different applications,” said Liu.

Source: QuickPic