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Amb. James enjoins Nigerians to cooperatively save country



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The President of Concerned Nigeria Network in Diaspora and Host, Rebuild Nigeria Movement Platform, Ambassador James Erebuoye, has challenged Nigerians to join hands to salvage Nigeria from the brink of collapse.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on the state of the nation, Ambassador Erebuoye decried the attitude of young Nigerians in perpetuating corruption in Nigeria. He said, “It is absurdity of all sorts that some young Nigerians still pray for corruption not to end in our country. The seeds of corruption sown by our past leaders is what the country is suffering today, and it is absolutely necessary and urgent for young Nigerians to fight this chronic virus that has left Nigeria underdeveloped, deprived of the most basic amenities.”

The patriot noted that some of the young generations are unfortunately still allowing greed and selfishness control them in making vital decisions when it comes to electing the right leadership that will move the country forward. He sounded a note of reminder to the youths that “the decision you take today is a seed sowed for your unborn generations to reap tomorrow. Consequently, the earlier you retract your steps, shun crime and eschew corruption, the better for all.”

Additionally, the Ambassador informed Nigerians that they have so much to do with regards to the security challenges staring the country in the face, affirming that if we really want to tell ourselves the truth, the citizens have roles to play to enable the security agencies do more. He explained that “the perpetrators of all crimes being unleashed on the country today live amongst us; worship in the same churches/mosques and live in the same neighbourhood with us.”

While encouraging Nigerians to make it a primary duty to educate and share security awareness in schools, worship centres and on the social media, Erebuoye pledged the continuous commitment of the Concerned Nigeria Network in Diaspora and Rebuild Nigeria Movement Platform in contributing their bit to educating Nigerians, especially the youths on patriotism. He stated that the groups have been able to build a Network of over 13 million Nigerians who will be working to ensure that the right candidates are voted in during the 2023 elections. By implication, he is very confident that “our country will be greater in peace, unity and love as long as we all join hands with government in solving the problems across the country instead of lamenting and criticising.” “All hands must be on deck to rescue Nigeria”, he concluded.